Trim Slice Intros Nvidia Tegra 2 Desktop Systems

Trim Slice Nvidia Tegra 2 desktop computer

An Israel based company CompuLab has just announced one of a kind Nvidia Tegra 2 powered desktop systems having really low form factors. The devices are called Trim Slice Smarttop devices and they are fully capable of replacing those bulky looking desktop computers. Based on ARM architecture, these desktop computers pack some decent set of specifications and features considering their small size. Details are as under.

Trim Slice Nvidia Tegra 2 desktop computer

The Trim Slice Nvidia Tegra 2 powered desktop computers are available in three difference models namely Barebone, Value and Pro version having slightly different configurations. Common configuration among the three is of course dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU of 1GHz along with a low power GeForce GPU. Other features of Trim Slice include 1GB DDR2 RAM, microSD card slot, SD card slot, 4 x USB ports, 1 x micro-USB port, Ethernet, 1080p HDMI out, 5.1 digital sound etc. The Barebone model of Trim Slice has no internal storage and you can attach external USB hard drive plus it has no built-in Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the Value Trim Slice edition has up to 4GB mciroSD storage, Wi-Fi on USB dongle(included) etc. The Trim Slice Pro version has 32GB SSD storage, integrated Wi-Fi with antenna etc.

The Trim Slice Barebone, Value and Pro version of Nvidia Tegra 2 desktop computers are available for price of $199, $219 and $319 respectively.

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