Toshiba TransMemory-EX USB 3.0 Flash Drive

TransMemory-EX USB 3.0 flash drive

TransMemory-EX USB 3.0 flash drive

Toshiba Japan has just announced TransMemory-EX, which is a USB 3.0 flash drive with capacities up to 64GB. The new Toshiba TransMemory-EX is claimed to have read speeds up to 220MB/s and write speeds up to 94MB/s on USB 3.0 interface. The TransMemory-EX is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 interface with read and write speeds of 34MB/s and 30MB/s respectively.

The Toshiba TransMemory-EX USB 3.0 flash drive will be released in Japan in Feb 2012 with price up to $150 for the 64GB version. There is no news about the TransMemory-EX flash drive being released in other regions so stay tuned for updates.


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