Toshiba Smart Pad PROTOTYPE Under Spotlight

Toshiba Smart Pad Prototype

Toshiba has unsurprisingly entered into the war or table computers. This was revealed on the 25th anniversary of Toshiba business in Australia. The picture below shows Mark Whittard, chief of Toshiba’s Information Systems Division, holding a prototype of what is being called Toshiba’s “Smart Pad” or simply the “SmartPad”. What many people are interpreting is that tablet devices will soon overtake netbook market but Toshiba keeps producing mini notebooks like the Toshiba Mini notebook which makes us feel that the netbook vs tablet war is far from over.

Toshiba Smart Pad Prototype

Mark Whittard did not reveal much about the main specs about Tosbhiba’s Smart Pad. Just a small glimpse by him made us learn that the Smart Pad will either have Android or Windows 7 operating system. The tablet computer of course will have a touch screen display of what looks like 5-9 inch display size. The Toshiba’s Smartpad will have both HDMI and USB ports for connecting the Smart Pad to external display such as HDTVs and the USB ports will be used to transfer files to and from other devices.

Toshiba announced that its engineers are still working on this new tablet computer and it will be released in October this year.

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