Tobii Intros First Eye Controlled Laptop

Tobii Eye tracking laptop prototype

In collaboration with one of the leading personal computer manufacturers Lenovo, Tobii has introduced world’s first eye controlled laptop. Tobii is one of the leading names in eye tracking and eye control technology and it is not a surprise that they have taken a step forward in introducing this technology to consumers.

Tobii Eye tracking laptop prototype

According to Tobii, with these new eye controlled laptops, users will be able to perform every day tasks quickly and effectively. Eye tracking technology in Tobii laptops will allow users to access their files, perform actions on them, view images, zoom in / out etc. In the beginning, Tobii and Lenovo plans to release 20 prototypes of such eye tracking laptops to developers as demo units. We have a feeling that these eye controlled laptops will not come in cheap due to the fact that eye tracking technology itself is rather expensive.

Not much information in terms of hardware specifications as well as price has been revealed so stay tuned for more updates on the Tobii eye controlled laptops.

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