SolarKindle Is Now ON For Kindle Touch



SolarKindle introduced at the CES this year is now going ON for the Kindle Touch and Kindle 4. The SolarKindle is basically a protective cover which is mainly comprised of three parts – the 1500 mAh lithium-polymer reserved battery, the LED lamp pumping out 800 lux and the solar panel at the front.

Learn how this protects and works for the Kindle Touch is very simple, the SolarKindle protects your kindle from sunlight which is passed through the solar panel and reserves as the battery power. It can go for 50 hrs of continuous reading on a single hr. solar charge. On the other hand it can also charge your Kindle when you turn ON the power button, it will flash red while charging and gives one hr. of maximum continuous charge which you can use it for utmost 3 days. You may also use the Kindle to charge the SolarKindle reserve battery by connecting the cover’s micro-USB port to the Kindle’s powered USB port. The LED lamp automatically turns ON when it is pushed to release from its housing and turns OFF when pressed back.

The SolarKindle is one of a smart accessory for your Kindle Touch and give it more professional and stylish look. It is available at Amazon at price of $79.99.

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