Smallest USB 2.0 Flash Drive Elecom MF-KSU2A

Smallest Flash Drive

Smallest Flash Drive

What you are looking at is the newest series of USB flash drives released by Elecom named MF-KSU2A flash drives. These new flash drives are USB 2.0 compliant and use PASS (Password Authentication Security System) for protecting stored data.

These new Elecom USB 2.0 flash drives are so small that you can easily have them and still not find them. So far this is the smallest USB flash drive I have seen and hopefully these are going to get even smaller with more storage and higher data rate capability.

The new Elecom MK-KSU2A USB 2.0 flash drives will be made available in 16GB and 32GB sizes with price yet to be announced. These will start shipping in the coming days.


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