Sharkoon Offers The Fastest 256GB Flexi-Drive Ultimate

256GB Flexi Drive Ultimate

256GB Flexi Drive Ultimate

Sharkoon has recently added a new memory model of USB Flash Drive to its Flexi-Drive family. This series is designed with a Single Chip USB3.0 Controller in a high-quality, black aluminum case, which operates eight channels of four MLC Flash Modules. With the addition of this technology the file transfer method becomes much more faster and large files can be transferred very quickly.

As far as other design features are concerned, the Flexi-Drive Ultimate has a USB 3.0 connectivity, downward compatible to USB2.0 and USB1.x along with the following specifications:

  • 64GB, 128GB and 256GB memory models
  • single chip controller (8-Channel)
  • Read speed of up to 250MB/s
  • Write speed of up to 150MB/s

These Flexi-Drive Ultimate 256GB memory drive is now available at price of 30,000 Yen which is equivalent to approx. $309.

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