Seagate Video 3.5 HDD : Digital Video Recorder (DVR) HDD

seagate video 3.5 hdd

seagate video 3.5 hdd

Seagate for the first time has announced the availability of a 4TB 3.5″ HDD designed specifically for video applications. The drive is called Video 3.5 HDD and it is available in up to 4TB size which is estimated to store up to 480 hours of HD content and is designed for reliability, high capacity streaming and superior acoustics.

The new Seagate Video 3.5 HDD will have the capability to allow 20 SD streams or 16 HD streams. Its 24×7 operation and only 0.55% failure rate clearly indicates that it is meant for hardcore video applications such as set-top video recorders, surveillance equipment etc.

The Seagate Video 3.5 HDD hard drives have a starting price of $75.99 only for the 1TB model. The 4TB model will also be made available shortly. All capacities have started shipping, see details.


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