Seagate Intros 2.5″ Ultra Thin 5mm Hard Drives

Seagate Ultra Thin HDD

Seagate Ultra Thin HDD

Seagate hast just announced in its recent press release about its new creation, the Seagate Ultra Thin hard drives. The new Seagate Ultra Thin hard drives are designed for slim laptops and ultrabooks. These are standard 2.5″ laptop hard drives with just 5mm thickness that can be seen from the photo above.

The Ultra Thin HDDs have 16MB cache and have a 5400RPM speed. The new Seagate Ultra Thin hard drives will be made available in 320GB and 500GB size and will have SATA 6.0 Gbps interface and with 25% less space, it is not long when we see a lot of these hard drives in latest laptops and ultrabooks. For those interested, the Seagate Ultra Think hard drives can be purchased at a starting price of $89 only

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