Samsung Unveiled SuperSpeed USB 3.0 External hard Drive

Samsung C2 Portable

Samsung is now going to introduce its SuperSpeed USB 3.0 external hard drive family which includes M2, M3 and C2 portable. Using the Super Speed USB 3.0 interface the data rate has been 10 times increased up to 5 GB/s and through this speed one can transfer 25GB full HD movie within four minutes.

Samsung C2 Portable

The model names are assigned as M2, C2 and M3 portable which differ with each other in few areas. The M2 and M3 portable are almost same except their storage capacities are different M2 has 1 TB space while M3 has 1-2 TB space and both are entry level versions while C2 is a premium version with storage capacity of 1 TB and compatibility of USB 2.0/3.0.

As far as availability is concerned M2 will arrive in this month while M3 and C2 will come next month.

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