Samsung Shouts Series 9 Limited Edition Laptop From QVC

Samsung Series 9 Midnight Blue Color Edition

Samsung Series 9 Midnight Blue Color Edition

Exactly a the same month of last year Samsung introduced its Series 9 Laptops of different sizes in South Korea and now it is going for sale again with the label of Limited Edition. The new Samsung Series 9 Limited Edition will up for sale at this Valentine’s day from QVC at 10p.m. in US.

In order to remind you the Series 9 laptops, these are built with lightweight duralumin body but this time with Night Blue color. This Special Edition is available only in 13.3” size and featuring the same as previous i.e.

  • 13.3-inch SuperBright display
  • Intel Core i5-2467M processor
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • 4GB DDR3 memory
  • 128GB SSD
  • HD webcam
  • Windows 7 Home Premium operating system

Since the specs remain same so its sure that its not really the second generation Series 9 laptop. No information regarding the price but we can estimate the price from the last year release so just few hours remaining to catch this Limited Edition Series 9 Laptop in US.

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2 responses to “Samsung Shouts Series 9 Limited Edition Laptop From QVC”

  1. I have this laptop, and it is the most beautiful machine I have ever owned. I want it to last forever. The crystals, when seen at the right angle, look like the Milky Way on a dark night. Most people don’t realize that the crystals are supposed to look like stars, they think it looks like a blingy cowgirl outfit.
    I’m rebuilding mine now, as it has slowed down with the detritus of years of use, but the SSD is still incredibly snappy.

  2. I am still using mine; bought it March 2013, and as of August 2020 it still works fine for what I need. The battery died March 2019, but the laptop is almost always near a power source so I’ve kept it plugged in. It’s too old to support Windows 10, so for now I’m running virus/pest scans and keeping on with W7. I love the deep blue color and the crystals, and the backlit keyboard has been a huge plus. I hope I can find another laptop I like as much as this one!

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