Samsung New BX2335 LED Backlight Monitor Released

Samsung BX2335 LED Monitor

Samsung has just released some more LED monitors. The one shown in the picture below is Samsung BX2335 23-inch LED backlight monitor with Eco-Friendly hardware and improved power consumption. The new Samsung LED monitor only consumes 26 Watts of electrical power and less than 1 Watt in stand-by mode. The display is somewhat close to the 30-Inch LCD monitor display but for some reasons smaller is better.

Samsung BX2335 LED Monitor
The Samsung BX2335 LED monitor measures 570.9x442x208.9 mm (WxHxD) with stand and weighs 3.8 kg. It has a single yet stylish stand with tilt ability. The LED monitor has special magic angle that lets you view the display at every possible angle and this is a really handy feature especially for the work environment.

The Samsung BX2335 LED monitor has a 2ms of response time for improved multimedia experience such as gaming, movies, etc. the monitor has a static contrast ratio of 1,000:1 plus for producing better detail in picture quality, it has a mega dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. The Samsung BX2335 LED monitors are both halogen and lead-free and consume 40% less power than conventional monitors.

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