Samsung Chromebook 2 with Intel Processor

Samsung Chromebook2

Samsung Chromebook2

Samsung earlier this year released a new variant of Chromebook called the Samsung Chromebook 2. Just recently, Samsung has revealed another variant of the Chromebook 2 which is powered by a different processor and slightly different specification.

The new Samsung Chromebook 2 is powered by Intel Celeron N2840 dual core processor with boost speeds up to 2.58GHz. It is a fanless processor due to very little power profile. The previous Samsung Chromebook 2 was powered by Samsung’s own processor along with 4GB of RAM and was available in both 11.6″ and 13″ display sizes.

The new Samsung Chromebook 2 running the Intel Celeron processor only has 2GB of RAM. It has 16GB of SSD which makes is very fast. The battery life on the new Samsung Chromebook is also improved and is now up to 9 hours.

The new Samsung Chromebook 2 is available on pre-order and regular shipment is expected to start new week. It has a starting price of $249 only.


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