Samsung Brings Dual-Platter 1TB Hard Drive for Notebooks

Samsung 1TB Hard Drive

Samsung has added Spinpoint M8 1TB hard drive to its latest consumer electronics goods. The drive is designed with dual-platter each platter has 500GB of storage capacity. This new hard drive is made compatible for mobile computing devices mainly notebooks.

Samsung 1TB Hard Drive

Spinpoint M8 is a high density drive as it integrates with Advanced Format Technology (AFT) which allows greater data storage density per unit area in efficient way. The new Samsung hard drive is built with following features to provide high computation performance:

  • 3Gbps SATA interface
  • 8MB buffer memory
  • EcoSeek and BoiseGuard for noise reduction
  • Additional outer covering to prevent external damage and data loss

The Spinpoint M8 1TB hard drive will be available worldwide at MSRP of $129.

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