RunCore InVincible Disk Is A Smart Secured SSD Ever



RunCore brings this time InVincible SSDs that are highly secured and gives excellent performance. The SATA II interface based RunCore SSD is mainly highlighted for its unbeatable security system which is needed most for the military, defense agencies, aerospace and other industries. The InVincible SSD secures data in two ways : either by Intelligent destruction or by physical destruction.

For those who don’t want to destroy the disk and want to erase their private data only which could never be retrieved should use Intelligent Destruction. In this method, data on the disk is destroyed by overwriting it with a code. “This overwrite-deletion method ensures that there is no way to potentially recover previous data stored on the device, effectively setting your SSD back to factory default,” RunCore said.

On the other hand the Physical Destruction simply destroys the disk, the feature uses an over-current to the logical NAND flash memory, hence, physically destroying the circuitry in the process. So, in this way RunCore has provided advanced data security for the industries where it is set at high priority. The InVincible SSDs are now made available but still hard to find the price, you can watch the video below to learn its working.

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