Raspberry Pi A+ Is the Clone Model Of B+

Raspberry Pi A+

Raspberry Pi A+

Few months ago, B+ model of Raspberry Pi was launched which came with some new features and now A+ Model has arrived as a clone of B+. This means Raspberry Pi A+ will complement B+ and can be able to work with all the platforms that B+ supports.

Raspberry Pi A+ is the smallest and cheapest computer, which measures only 66mm x 56mm x 14mm and results in a much squarer and flatter credit-card look. The processor and RAM units are the same as found in Model A i.e. Broadcom BCM2835 SoC and 256MB RAM; whereas the size is reduced by implementing the MicroSD card in place of SD card and use of only 1 USB port.

While looking at the functional features, the Raspberry Pi A+ is built with

  • 14 additional GPIO pins, which makes a total 40 pins to connect add-on boards. Now A+ is able to interact with all the B+ compatible add-on boards.
  • Audio quality improves due to addition of dedicated low-noise power supply.

Watch the video below to learn the features of A+ Model.

The Pi founder Eben Upton gave remarks about the A+ Model of raspberry pi

“The big news is that we’ve cut the price to $20 from $25 for the old Model A.”

Therefore, it means that the sole idea behind A+ is not only reducing the size but also reducing the price to $5 and now it is immediately available in both UK and US at price of $20.

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