Raspberry Pi 2 Improved Capability With Windows 10

raspberry pi 2

raspberry pi 2

Good news for all the Raspberry Pi fans as the team behind it has just gone a step further and released an enhanced model in the form of Raspberry Pi 2.

The new Raspberry Pi 2 is powered by a 900MHz quad core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU which is claimed to deliver 6X better performance than the previous model.

This new version also offers 1GB DDR2 RAM where as the previous model only has 512MB RAM so applications will load and run a lot quickly and smoother than before.

And above all, the new Raspberry Pi 2 will now support Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft has confirmed that it will release a somewhat custom built Windows 10 operating system for the Raspberry Pi 2 which indeed a big news.

And how could I forget to mention that all these enhancements are for the same $35 price tag along with Windows 10 which whenever available will be free of charge.

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