Prices of Samsung Series 9 Laptops Revealed

samsung series 9

The biggest competitor of MacBook Air, the Samsung Series 9 Laptops priced yesterday. The prices of the new Series 9 notebooks from Samsung are quite higher than its rival MacBook Air just because of the powerful processing unit and its relative high function hardware specs.

samsung series 9

The prices of the 11.6-inch Samsung Series 9 laptop starts from $1,199 which is $200 higher than its competitive Apple MacBook Air and the 13-inch model of the series 9 laptop is priced at $300 ore than its corresponding MacBook Air. If you look at the prices first time then you will definitely get shaky weather to buy it or not but the high quality specs and hardware of the series 9 notebooks show that the prices are right, some of the specs include:

  • Intel® Core™ i3 Processor 380UM
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64b)
  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000
  • 64 GB Solid State Drive

The Samsung Series 9 laptops will be available in April but you can pre-order the device at various retailers site mentioned on the Samsung page including Amazon which offers it at discount rate with FREE Super Saver Shipping.

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