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OWC Intros Bluetooth Keypad For Apple Wireless Keyboard – 28 Key Keypad

The Apple Wireless Keyboard might just have everything in terms of style and feel but the part that most of the Mac users found to be lacking in it was the presence of a numeric keypad which makes entering numbers and making calculations a lot easier. This deficiency was well spotted by Other World Computing (OWC) as they have just unveiled a very handy 28-key Bluetooth Numeric Keypad accessory that easily attaches to your existing Apple wireless keyboard without the need of cables or any other sort of system driver.

OWC Bluetooth Numeric Keypad
The OWC LMP Bluetooth Numeric Keypad comes with a coupling clip assembly that will allow you to easily connect it with your Apple keyboard (no rocket science involved). The LMP keypad is a Bluetooth keypad and is a plug and play device as it does not require any drivers to be installed on your Mac system and the best part about it is that it does not even require an additional Bluetooth dongle.

When the Bluetooth Numeric Keypad is attached to your Apple keyboard, you will hardly notice that these are two different units because the designers have done a splendid job by blending the colors and feel perfectly. The OWC Bluetooth Numeric Keypad can be bought for a price of $39.99 only.