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ORIGIN Unleashes $7699 Gaming PC, The Big O

If you think you have seen it all then get ready to be shocked as ORIGIN PC has just announced their new creation, the big O, which is an ultra high performance gaming configuration PC we have come across in the last few years. The Big O boasts and integrated liquid-cooled Xbox 360 slim which is really impressive. The configuration is not for the faint hearted and obviously not for occasional gamers. The Big O gaming PC is designed for extreme gaming enthusiasts and for those linked with the gaming industry such as game developers and testers. Main features include Intel Core processor over clocked to 4.0GHz, SLI nVIDIA GTX 480 plus the most necessary Advanced High-Performance CPU and GPU liquid cooling system. The Big O galling PC by ORIGIN will cost you about $7669 and you can further customize the configuration according to your own will.

$7669 Gaming PC with Xbox 360