Now Verizon 4G LTE Update Available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Verizon Samsung galaxy tab 4G

This time Verizon selected Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to upgrade the device with its 4G LTE network using OTA update. User can catch the latest Verizon update on their tablet automatically but if those who still didn’t get update alert can do it manually by going into settings> about tablet> check for updates. Here is given screen shot of the update alert on the tablet screen.

Verizon Samsung galaxy tab 4G

The 4G LTE update for Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 provides enhanced data connectivity along with email and browser enhancements. The most amazing point is that the file download size is just 11.4 MB which will quickly download and install on your tablet within few minutes. After the launch of this update Verizon pointed out that this is mainly for 3G/4G connection issues and a few other minor bugs. The details about this update are available on the Verizon Wireless site whose screen shot is given below:

Samsung Galaxy tab 4G Update Guide

In addition with above update Verizon has introduced few more improvements for instance:

  • Now you can connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with any Mac OS such as Lion and OSX
  • Your SIM and IMEI information is now available on “about tablet” screen
  • Honeycomb 3.1 update

So what are you waiting for!!! Turn on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1; update the device and experience the “enhanced data connectivity”.

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