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Nokia MeeGo Photo Sighted

The coming Nokia MeeGo tablet’s photo has been sighted at the in the bug tracking section. The image is not clear enough to see what exactly will be the design and look of the tablet? It is said earlier that the MeeGo tablet will be launched by the collaboration of Nokia and Intel and the rumors that are coming regarding its features are only assumed by looking this photo closely.

Nokia Meego Tablet

It is expecting that the MeeGo tablet (half-tablet-half-phone) will have:

  • 7-inch display (or may be 4.5 inch)
  • 3G with HSDPA
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • A micro USB port

The tablet also comes with other obvious features including camera, on board accelerometer along with gyroscope. Nokia will show off the MeeGo tablet in the coming Mobile World Congress in the next month where we can clearly judge the features, until then just wait and stop giving attention to the guesses.