Nokia Expressed Interest For Windows 8 Tablets

Nokia Windows 8 Phone

Recently Nokia CEO has shown his concerns about creating the Nokia Windows 8 Tablets. Since Microsoft has already mentioned that there will be no more Windows 7 tablets as Windows 8 is on its way. Few months back Microsoft had given the demo for Windows 8 Tablet though it was too far for the users to catch it but through its demo Microsoft tried to give idea about the upcoming windows version.

Nokia Windows 8 Phone

Now its time for vendors to show their concerns in this behalf and thus Nokia has taken the step. According to the CEO Nokia that most of Windows 8 phone are expecting to come earlier than tablets this is only because this version of windows is not specifically designed for tablets; so they are waiting for the windows 8 version designed for tablets and PCs which they implement for Lumia series. Therefore, its become clear from the interview that Nokia is taking interest in developing tablets and it would be another great milestone for Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft.  Watch out the short interview of the Nokia CEO about the Nokia Windows 8 Tablets.

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