NEC To Unveil Dual-Screen NEC LifeTouch Android Tablet

NEC dual-screen LifeTouch Android tablet

Previous month, NEC revealed its 7” LifeTouch Android tablet that has Android 2.1 and some decent specs. Now NEC has unveiled its dual-screen version of the same 7” LifeTouch Android tablet with some enhancements in OS as well as in functionality, not to mention that this is not the first dual-screen tablet we have witnessed this year. The Tablet will of course have dual-screen each measuring 7” (diagonal).

NEC dual-screen LifeTouch Android tablet

The new dual-screen NEC LifeTouch tablet will be running Android 2.2 (Froyo) expectedly along with some other impressive features as well. The tablet will also have 3G connectivity along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The dual-screens on the NEC LifeTouch tablet will display different screens at the same time allowing the user with more options at their finger tips.

The single Screen NEC LifeTouch was set to be released in Japan and we are still waiting for manufacturers to embed their own bits of UI into the NEC Android tablet so that consumers can have a go at it. The NEC dual-screen LifeTouch Android tablet will be showcased at the upcoming CES so more details such as price, availability and detailed specifications will surely become available soon.

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