MSI Unveils WindPad 100A and WindPad 100W – 10.1” Android and Windows Tablets

MSI WindPad 100A 100W 10.1 inch tablets

MSI has just announced that it will be showcasing two new 10.1 inch tablets during 2011 CES to be held in Las Vegas, USA. The MSI WindPad 100A will have Android OS while MSI WindPad 100W will have Windows 7 OS. Both these tablets sport some decent specs that are highlighted below.

MSI WindPad 100A 100W 10.1 inch tablets

The MSI WindPad 100A will be Android tablet having 10.1” touch screen and will be powered by ARM processor. Android version and processor specifications are not yet revealed. The MSI WindPad 100A will also sport GPS, digital compass, G-sensor, ALS light sender, Wi-Fi etc. MSI states that consumers will also have the option to purchase 3G. Measuring just 14mm in thickness and 800grams in weight, the battery of WindPad 100A will last from 8-10 hours.

The MSI WindPad 100W tablet is also a 10.1 inch tablet but instead of Android OS, it runs Windows 7 Home Premium OS. The WindPad 100W also supports multi-touch functionality. This MSI Windows 7 tablet will be powered by Intel Mobile processor along with a 32GB solid state drive (SSD). Furthermore, the WindPad 100W will have MSI’s own Wind Touch Software for searching applications quickly. More information such as price, availability and detailed specifications will become available during 2011 CES.

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