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MSI C Series Multimedia Notebooks Announced

MSI has showcased its new C Series Multimedia notebooks at Computex 2011. There are three notebooks in MSI C Series such as CX480, CX640 and CX670. The MSI CX480 and MSI CX640 notebooks will be powered by Intel 2nd Generation Core i processors while the CX670 multimedia notebook will be on AMD platform. More details can be found below.

MSI C Series Multimedia Notebooks

The MSI CX640 and CX670 are 15.6 inch multimedia notebooks while the MSI CX480 is a 14 inch screen size multimedia notebook. As already mentioned above, both the MSI CX480 and MSI CX640 notebooks are powered by Intel Core processors along with Nvidia GeForce GT520M graphics card which has 1GB of dedicated video memory for running smooth graphics and other multimedia applications. According to press release, the new MSI C Series notebooks take half the time to boot as compared to other notebooks and they also have the ability to make automatic backups. These new MSI multimedia notebooks have both USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 support.

More details such has price, release date and detailed specifications will soon become available and updated on this page.

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