Motorola Xyboard Price Starts at $429.99 Plus 2-Year Verizon Contract

Motorola Xyboard LTE Verizon tablet

Motorola Xyboard LTE Verizon tablet

Earlier this month we posted about the new Motorola Xyboard tablet that will be releasing this month through Verizon wireless and it seems like though, Verizon has just confirmed the price of both the 10.1 inch and the 8.2 inch Motorola Xyboard Android 3.2 tablets both supporting LTE for blazing fast internet speeds. Check detailed specifications and features of the Motorola Xyboard tablets here. The Price list is as under:

– 10.1 inch 16GB @ $529.99
– 10.1 inch 32GB @ $529.99
– 10.1 inch 64GB @ $729.99
– 8.2 inch 16GB @ $429.99
– 8.2 inch 32GB @ $529.99

All the above Verizon Motorola Xyboard tablets come with a 2-year contract as expected and will hopefully be made available before Christmas holidays.


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