Motorola Xyboard or Xoom 2 Tablet by Verizon

Motorola Xyboard Xoom 2 Verizon tablet

Motorola Xyboard Xoom 2 Verizon tablet

We have just come to know that Motorola Xoom 2 a.k.a. the Motorola Xyboard tablet will be made available through Verizon wireless in the coming few days, probably this month. As predicted, the Motorola Xyboard will be available in 10” and 8” screen sizes and the best part about these new Motorola tablets will be that they both support LTE technology which means that users will be able to enjoy fast internet speeds for which of course they have to subscribe to a data plan from Verizon. For those of you who missed about the specs of the Motorola Xoom 2 (Xyboard) tablet, they should know that these are powered by 1.2GHz dual-core processors, 1GB RAM, 5MP rear facing and 1.3MP front facing cameras with high quality Gorilla Glass display etc.

Motorola claims that the Motorola Xoom2 tablets will be 10% lighter, 33% thinner and will deliver 20% faster in terms of processor performance. Unfortunately there is still no news on price (Recent press release has revealed price) of the new Motorola Xyboard tablets but we can expect it to come with a 2-year contract via Verizon wireless.


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