Microsoft Windows Insider Program Engaged Over A Million Users

Windows Insider Program

Windows Insider Program

It is for the first time that Microsoft has started a preliminary program to improve the features of the upcoming Windows version. This program is named as Windows Insider Program, any Microsoft user can easily signup for the program and start previewing the Windows 10 features.

The purpose of launching the Insider Program is to get feed backs from the customers so that Microsoft will launch its next windows 10 with no more issues regarding user experience. This technique from Microsoft is running successfully and up till now over one million users have joined the program. As a result, Microsoft has received over 200,000 feedback submissions from users via the dedicated Windows Feedback application.

Therefore, if you have not joined the Insider Program for Windows 10, you can still have opportunity to download the Windows 10 Technical Preview and install it on your system to get the preview of upcoming Windows 10.

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