Microsoft Surface Tablet IS Expected To Be Available On 26th October



After four months from the announcement Microsoft has finally decided to make its Windows 8 Surface Tablet available for its customers. The tablet launch date is expected on 26th October and will be available in two different versions along with unique stylish Touch Cover and Type Cover.

The prices announced are different for different versions and accessory i.e.

  • 32GB version without Touch Cover is priced at $499
  • 32GB version with Touch Cover is priced at $599
  • 64GB version with Touch Cover is priced at $699

According to the Microsoft those who want to buy Touch Cover and Type Cover separately then they will have to pay:

  • Touch Cover, at $119.99 each
  • Type Cover for $129.99

Besides revealing the price info Microsoft also mentioned other availability features including a built-in kickstand and a vapor-deposited (PVD) magnesium case. The Touch covers will be available in different colors including white, red, black, blue, and purple colors. On the other hand Type Cover has only one color available i.e. black. Online Microsoft store where its price has been listed also mentioned that the Surface Tablet will be available for pre-order soon and will be launched officially on 26th October.

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