Microsoft Planning to Debut Windows 8 Tablet in June

windows 8 tablet debut

With the end of Microsoft fiscal year in this June it is planning to debut the Windows 8 Tablet. Demo videos are planned to launch in June 2011 which will use “Metro Interface” initially developed for Windows 7 Phone.

windows 8 tablet debut

The Metro interface will be a refined form of Media Center interface as it will use touchscreen for access rather than remote control as in Media Center interface. Microsoft has targeted its end month of fiscal year to show off Windows 8 tablet as it has passed the “Milestone 2” which was set for Windows 8 tablet and with the end of it “Milestone 3” will be set which will be dedicated for product demos and media.

Though Dell has earlier said that it will be going to launch Windows 8 tablet in 2012 but Microsoft didn’t feel to make any comment on this behalf so it can be said that Windows 8 Tablets will be available for customers in 2012.

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