Micron Enterprise SAS SSDs : P410m

Micron P410m Enterprise SAS SSD

Micron P410m Enterprise SAS SSD

Micron has just announced their new line of Enterprise SAS Solid State Drives, the Micron P410m Enterprise SAS SSDs. Although the price has not been announced yet but like other high end SSDs made for corporate clients, these ones will also not come cheap. According to the official word, the Micron P410m SAS SSDs are packed with 25nm MLC NANN Flash memory chips and are powered by Marvel 88SS9187-BLD2 controller. The P410m SSDs have SAS 6.0 Gbps interface and are claimed to have higher endurance than their competition.

The Micron P410m Enterprise SSDs will come in 100GB, 200GB and 400GB models with maximum read and write speeds of up to 410MB/s and 345MB/s respectively.


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