Marshal Mal-3635SBK HDD/SDD Dual Docking/Cloning Station

MARSHAL HDD-SSD Cloning Docking Station

The Marshal Mal-3635SBK is a HDD/SDD docking and cloning station that is somewhat similar to that Chinese HDD/SSD docking station that we posted earlier this week by the name CVTK-K181 Dual HDD/SSD Docking station. The only difference as we see is that the Marshal Mal-3635SBK HDD/SSD Docking and Cloning station has support for up to four drives. The Marshal HDD/SSD docking station also has a 2-port USB hub. The dock supports both 2.5” and 3.5” drives.

For those interested, the Marshal Mal-3635SBK HDD/SSD Docking and Cloning Station has a price tag of about $120 which might not be that bad for a standalone drive cloning station that does not require a computer.

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