Marauder : Affordable gaming PC by Digital Storm

Marauder Gaming PC

Marauder Gaming PC

Marauder is the latest affordable gaming PC by none other than Digital Storm. With this latest series of gaming computers, users will have the option to select from several configurations with price starting from $799 only.

The Digital Storm Marauder gaming PC can have the AMD FX-4100 quad-core processer along with AMD 7750 GPU with 1GB of VRAM. Other features include 500GB HDD and other standard configuration for a gaming rig. The high end version of the Marauder gaming PC can have Intel Core i5-2500K processer along with AMD 7870 GPU which has a massive 2GB of VRAM and this configuration with cost the user about $1299 only. This is still very affordable considering the fact that high end gaming computers can easily cost you more than $5000.

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