Make Your Dining Out Secure And Luxurious Via Presto Tablet

Presto 7-Inch Tablet

E La Carte Presto Tablet has now made your dining out more secure and luxurious from giving order to bill payment. So now you can invite your guests or friends to celebrate dining out conveniently using the Presto Tablet.

Presto 7-Inch Tablet

E La Carte Presto Tablet provides quick and easy access for selection of food, order menu and pay your bill without giving a credit card or else by tapping your fingers on the presto screen. It also allows eaters to enter the number of guests, peruse the menu and learn more about the local area.

In order to know how it works, the Presto Tablet is modeled with all the major POS systems, according to the company behind the tablet. It has an attached card reader which reads your credit card and calculates tips on the touchscreen. You can also give feedback about any restaurant via SMS text message to the respective restaurant manager.

These are not enough lots of more interesting features are embedded in this tablet and claimed that it may replace waiter in near future in most of the restaurants. As far as its installation price is concerned it normally costs around $200 per restaurant but can touch up to $700 depending upon the number of tables.

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