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Logitec Reveals USB 3.0 Portable USB Hard Drive LHD-PBJU3W

Logitec USB 3.0 Portable hard drive LHD PBJU3W

The Logitec Corp. (not Logitech) has just revealed one of its new USB 3.0 hard drives, the Logitec LHD-PBJU3W Ultra portable USB hard drive with a low noise profile. According to Logitec, the new USB 3.0 portable hard drive has low noise of just 18 db as compared to previous models which had noise levels of 27.5 dB and 35.3 db. Other than the low noise factor, the Logitec USB 3.0 portable hard drive is also very slim and measures only 80 x 124 x 14mm while weighing only 150 g. It is powered by USB port and has a very elegant glossy look. The new Logitec LHD-PBJU3W USB 3.0 portable hard drive is available in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB capacities. The Logitec USB 3.0 500GB and 750GB portable hard drives are available for $98 and $117 respectively while the 1TB version will become available soon.