LG Xnote Z330 Disguised MacBook Air

13-inch LG Ultrabook

Don’t get confuse by looking at the photo it looks exactly like the Apple’s MacBook Air but actually it is a LG Xnote Z330, an ultrabook from LG this time. After ASUS, Acer and Lenovo LG introduced its ultrabook comparatively thinner than other ultrabooks available in market.

13-inch LG Ultrabook

LG not only borrowed the MacBook Air design but also try to compete in the hardware specs too. If you look at the 13” design of the LG Xnote Z330 ultrabook you will find that it embeds:

  • 13.3-inch 1366 x 768 display
  • Intel’s Core processors with choice of either 1.6 GHz i5 or 1.7 GHz i7 processors
  • 4 GB system memory and choice of 120 GB or 256 GB SATA SSD
  • Integrated Intel HD graphics
  • USB 3.0 ports
  • microSD card reader
  • Bluetooth 3.0+HS, Intel WIDI and WiFi connectivity
  • Preloaded with Windows7 Home Premium (64bit)

According to the news came from LG that it would be the fastest ultrabook as it loads Windows within 10 seconds and wake up from sleep in just about 7 seconds. LG Xnote Z330 will arrive in South Korea in the middle of this month at different prices according to the model features and price starts from $1,509 for base model while the fully loaded model costs more than $2,300.

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