Lenovo Updated X200 Series Laptop and Tablet

Lenovo X220 Tablet

Lenovo just updated its X200 series laptop and tablet with much wider screen and improved processing unit. The updated versions modeled as ThinkPad X220 both for laptop and tablet and are available in the next month.

Lenovo X220 Tablet


The processing unit of both the ThinkPad comprise of latest Intel Sandy Bridge processor with choice of either Core i5 or i7. The Intel’s HD Graphics technology is embedded in the system which supports high-definition video to play. Another improvement for both the laptop and tablet model is that they have longer battery life as compare to their predecessor unit X201, the laptop can work 15 hours with a standard 9-cell battery which can be increased up to 24 hours using ThinkPad’s external six-cell battery pad. Similarly the Tablet can run up to 16 hours with a 6-cell battery and the ThinkPad external battery pack. In addition with these enhanced features the X220 tablet and laptop each has wider 12.5 inch display unit which allow space for the keyboard and trackpad for easy typing and controlling, while the tablet has touchscreen display along with stylus. The memory unit is also increased which is up to 320GB for HDD and 160GB for SSD storage.

Both the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 laptop and tablet will arrive in April and available at price of $899 and $1,199 respectively.

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