Lenovo Planning For High Performance UltraBooks Next Year

Lenovo Mainstream Ultrabook

Lenovo recently showed its concern over the launch of its latest series of laptops that would be ultra slim and high performance devices. These laptops are suggested as “mainstream” priced Ultrabooks and will be introduced in the market next year.

Lenovo Mainstream Ultrabook

The Lenovo ultrabooks idea is based on the concept of ultra-portable machines with sensitive touchscreen, improved storage capacity and support for the PC-type apps that do not work on tablets as of now. These ultrabooks powered by Windows OS will supposed to be the tough competitor against the Apple’s MacBook Air that runs Mac OS X Lion.

On the other hand the company’s remark about its price is that it will get the mainstream price that might be under $1000. Hopefully more information to come during the next quarter to better analyze its features. So if you are planning to buy a smart notebook with powerful computation then wait till next year when Lenovo launch its Ultrabooks series.

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