Lenovo Intros 23-Inch Home Tablet

Lenovo 23 inch Home tablet

Lenovo has just revealed that it is going to introduce a 23 inch tablet to be used mainly in homes. This is somewhat similar to those All-In-One computers but those are not meant to be mobile. Lenovo claims that their 23” Home tablet cab easily be moved from one room to another and they are working on making it more compact and light weight keeping the display to a massive 23 inch. More details are as under.

Lenovo 23 inch Home tablet

Lenovo calls their new product; 23” Home Tablet which is designed for gaming, TV watching and performing regular computing tasks such as web surfing, communicating etc. The Lenovo All-In-One tablet will mainly be used on tables, as the above picture suggests. Too bad for us that Lenovo has not completely raised the curtain on this one and not much information has been shared about this 23 inch Home tablet so stay tuned for more updates about specifications, price and availability.

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