LeapPad2 Power The #1 Kid’s Learning Tablet

LeapPad2 Power Kids tablet

LeapPad2 Power Kids tablet

LeapPad2 Power is the latest addition to the line of LeapFrog tablets designed for kids under 9 years age. The new LeapPad2 Power tablet is now sleeker and comes with rechargeable battery that will last up to 9 hours of continuous use.

The LeapPad2 Power tablet has a 5-inch touch screen backlit display plus a front facing and a rear facing camera. It comes pre-installed with 9 learning applications and has internal storage of 4GB for more apps, books and games to be installed.

The LeapPaf2 Power is for kids from 3-9 years age and it works with library of 800+ educator approved games, app, videos and mp3s. For those interested, the new LeapPad2 Power is available for about $99 only from Amazon (see details).

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