LeapPad Explorer Kids Tablet – 5 Inch Learning Tablet

LeapPad Explorer Tablet

Well this is not first tablet aimed at kids about 4 years old. LeapFrog is the name behind the LeapPad Explorer kids tablet, which is a learning and educational tablet for kids. It is a 5 inch interactive tablet designed specifically for kids. Previous week we had also seen the likes of InnoPad tablet, which is another kids tablet. Some of the features of the LeapPad Explorer kids tablet have been highlighted below.

LeapPad Explorer Tablet
LeapPad Explorer Kids Tablet

Other than the 5 inch screen, the LeapPad Explorer tablet has a webcam and an integrated microphone. It has a couple of creativity tools designed for children of ages 4 and above. It has got an animation studio. It has a built-in learning library for kids, over a hundred learning games, videos, flash cards, e-books etc. Children will be able to make drawings on the LeapPad Explorer tablet via kid’s size stylus and can also practice handwriting.

Since the LeapPad Explorer learning tablet will be used by kids so it has been made to withstand abuse from kids. Other features include email alert for parents, accelerometer for games, downloadable apps etc. The LeapPad Explorer tablet has a price tag of $99.99 and will be released in US this summer. Learning cartridges and downloadable apps can be purchased at additional costs of $24.99 and $7.99 respectively.

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