LaCie Unleashed the First Thunderbolt Device

intel thunderbolt

As Intel has introduced a brand new I/O peripheral protocol named as Thunderbolt which drives the unit at speed of 1.25 GBps, so now there is a need of having such accessories which can interact with the fastest Thunderbolt protocol. LaCie will be the first manufacturer which will going to introduce an external hard drive named as “Little Big Disk” which is based on TB technology.

intel thunderbolt

Intel at first used this external hard drive for its demo where it is found that the drive consists of two solid-state drives inside i.e. 250GB Intel SSDs with two Thunderbolt ports. Using these ports the drive can be used to daisy-chain with other Thunderbolt-enabled devices including storage devices and display units; it also establishes connection to six other peripherals.


This LaCie’s first Thunderbolt device will arrive in summer this year which will definitely provide access to huge amount of storage in real time or in just matter of seconds.

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