Intel SSD 330 Latest Series Are Budget Friendly



Though SSDs are designed solely for high performance computing but their high price still a hurdle in its popularity among the common user. Intel took a step to make it cheaper and affordable so that anyone could enjoy high performance. Intel new SSD 330 lineup consists of  three different sizes with 180GB max. But those who rely mainly on highspeed performance and don’t have any issue with the capacity would definitely buy these SSDs.

The Intel SSD 330 series comprises of 60GB ($89), 120GB ($149) and 180GB ($234) and is best for aging laptops particularly where hard drives gets bulky and cause slow performance. To achieve fast performance through these low capacity SSDs you will need to load operating system and some temporary files on these SSDs and use your older hard drive for heavy files. This would definitely reduce boot timing and provides you easy and fast access. On the other hand the Intel 330 SSDs are built with

  • 25nm Intel NAND Flash Memory
  • 500MB/sec sequential read speed
  • 450MB/sec sequential write speed
  • Up to 33k IO operations per second in write mode
  • Up to 25k IO operations per second in read mode
  • Power consumption between 600 mW and 850 mW
  • 6Gb/sec SATA port to connect

These 330 SSDs are available from today at all stores including Amazon which offers Free Super Saver Shipping at the above mentioned prices.

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