Intel Intros Super Fast Solid State Drive – Intel SSD 510 Series

Intel SSD 510 Series drives

Intel has just announced their latest addition to the storage category, the Intel SSD 510 series super fast solid state drive that has 6Gbps SATA throughput which is simply remarkable. These new Intel SSDs are meant to outperform the 10,000 rpm HDDs as far as performance is concerned especially during high visual fidelity game play. Some of the main features of the Intel SSD 510 series have been highlighted below.

Intel SSD 510 Series drives

The new Intel SSD 510 series solid state drives can reach read speeds up to 500MB/s and write speeds up to 315MB/s. That is a very high data rate and we are expecting that these would be ideal for gamers as well and server storage for a variety of cloud services. Too bad these are not currently available to consumers as you can only order these in quantities of 1,000 or multiples. The Intel SSD 510 series drives are currently available in two sizes; 120GB and 250GB, with price tags of $284 and $584 respectively.

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