Intel Intros Oak Trail Atom Z670 Processor For Mobile Devices

Intel Intros Oak Trail Atom Z670 Processor For Mobile Devices

Intel has just added an improved version of its Atom processor to its existing line. It is called Intel Oak Trail processor or Intel Atom Z670 processor. According to Intel, the Atom Z670 processor is aimed at mobile devices such as tablets, phones, netbooks as well as embedded applications. The new Intel Oak Trail Atom processor has improved performance, power consumption as well as increased performance/Watt rating. Mode details are highlighted below.

intel oak trail atom z670 processor

The Intel Atom Z670 processor now also includes the GPU as well as memory controlled on the same chip which leads to low power consumption as well as a major factor for its lower cost. Previous Intel Atom processors were not up to the mark when it comes to 1080p HD video playback but Intel Oak Trail Atom Processor can easily handle 1080p video decoding.

The new Intel Atom Z670 processor has doubled the graphics core to 400MHz and you will also experience a much faster system memory of DDR2-800 which is almost twice as fast as previous system speeds in Atom processors. We can hardly wait to get our hand on one of the Intel Atom Z670 embedded devices (like Razer Switchblade Netbook).

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