InnoPad Kids Tablet by VTech For $79.99 Only

VTech InnoPad Tablet for kids

VTech has just revealed a 5 inch learning tablet for kids. It is being called InnoPad Kid’s tablet and when we say kids, we mean kids of age 4-9 years. VTech has tried hard to make this is rugged learning tablet as it is surely going to receive a lot of abuse from kids so young. Some of the main features of the InnoPad kid’s tablet have been highlighted below.

VTech InnoPad Tablet for kids

Unlike other high tech tablets that are being released these days, the VTech InnoPad tablet focuses kids and this tablet relies on learning cartridges that can be bought separately. The InnoPad kid’s tablet features tilt-sensor, microphone, headphone jack, SD card slot and also a USB port. The tablet is enclosed in a “Kid-tough” enclosure.

Parents will also have the option to download stuff on to the InnoPad tablet via USB or SD card. The VTech InnoPad Kid’s tablet will be available in fall 2011 for a price of $79.99 only and each learning cartridge will cost about $24.99 which sounds like a fair deal.

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