Huawei Unveils S7 Slim Tablet – To Be Released at MWC 2011

Huawei S7 Slim Tablet

It seems like Huawei is not shy from revealing the photos of its new tablet, the Huawei S7 slim which we guess shares more or less the same set of features as the previously released Huawei IDEOS S7 tablet which has Android OS.

Huawei S7 Slim Tablet
Huawei S7 slim tablet photos

Huawei shared these photos via twitter and besides these photos, nothing else has yet been revealed for the S7 Slim tablet. These photos are located at Flickr. It would be way too early to put money on this Huawei tablet although the previous Huawei IDEOS S7 tablet featured some impressive set of features and specifications such as HSDPA / HSUPA, USIM card socket support etc.

More information such as price, specifications and exact availability of Huawei S7 Slim tablet will be updated as soon as these are revealed so stay tuned for more updates.

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