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Hitachi G-Drive slim – Portable USB Drive For MacBook Air Unveiled

Hitachi G-Drive Slim MacBook Air USB Hard Drive
We have just spotted another USB portable had drive which is not as compact in size as its competitors but at least it looks fine and has a decent form factor. What you see above is yet another portable hard drive by Hitachi, Hitachi G-Drive slim. Bad news for PC users because this is only compatible with MacBook Air. The drive is slim measuring only 0.39 inch and weighs only 0.33 lbs. The Hitachi G-Drive slim is of course a USB powered hard drive and it supports USB 2.0 data transfer rate which can go up to 480Mbits/sec. It is a 2.5” external hard drive having 320GB capacity. The Hitachi G-Drive slim is a very compact USB portable drive in stylish aluminum housing. This drive is plug-and-play. It comes with a 3-year warranty and has a price of $99 only.