Hitachi G-Connect : Hard Drive with Wi-Fi Router

Hitachi G-Connect hard drive wireless router

Hitachi G-Connect hard drive wireless router

Hitachi has just revealed another of its interesting gadget, the Hitachi G-Connect, which is hard drive plus a Wi-Fi router under the same hood. You can use the Wi-Fi router to connect to the internet and even access the hard drive which according to this page is about 500GB. You can use it has a standalone backup drive or can even use it as a media drive and connect your Wi-Fi enabled devices to access media files stored in its 500GB memory. Currently the Hitachi G-Connect Wi-Fi hard drive is supported by PC, Mac, iOS devices and in near future we will also see support for Android devices. The new Hitachi G-Connect will be made available firstly in Japan for a price of $199 only.

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